January 12, 2018

January 16, 2017

Winter nails

Happy 2017!
Here's my winter manicure đź’…
I switched to pointy "stiletto" nails! Not sharply pointed, but getting there. My own nails, by the way.

I used a clear polish, acrylic paint for the color, and my favorite iridescent glitter.

December 10, 2016

New ACEO artworks

Winter themed ACEO (tiny format) paintings. They're all available on MagdalenaLunaArt.etsy.com, with optional white matting as pictured, unframed.

 "Icy bench"

 "Icy bench with a blue tree"

"Quiet mystery"

Have a cozy winter and happy holidays!

Super-seed shake/smoothie

Incorporating healthy stuff into your diet is not always easy. Or tasty. Especially with superfoods like algae, all kinds of weird tasting powders or seeds. Some people munch on them without anything or sprinkle them over their granola / yogurt / smoothie.. you name it. Well I'm not one of those (Sprinkling crunchy stuff over another crunchy stuff and chew it forever while pretending it's tasty? No.)
As much as I want to get all the tremendous benefits and nutrition into my diet, I want it as sophisticated and easy as it gets while keeping the nutrients intact and achieve a maximum bioavailability while digested.

Today I'm sharing how I eat my super seeds.

I typically use golden or brown flax seeds and chia seeds, optionally sesame, blue poppy, pumpkin or hemp seeds. (To my knowledge, chia seeds are the richest in omega3, followed by flax. So if you can, go for those. Internet is full of info on all of them..)

First I blend the assorted seeds in a coffee type blender, to make about two spoonfulls of coarse grind.

Here I used brown flax, sesame and pumpkin seeds. I often add a tiny bit of rice flour to it to minimize the stickiness - remember seeds are oily when crushed.


Then I scrape it out into a tall blending cup, add one diced up banana, some 2 cups of vegan milk (rice or oat drinks are my favorite), give it a sprinkle of cinnamon, and blend. 

No sweetener is needed because the banana makes it sweet enough.
The banana can be switched for kiwis, strawberries or other berries.

And there you go. A bit funny and slimy shake, but you can drink it up in no time.

You are full and just painlessly ingested all the omega3's, fibre, zinc, calcium and a million of other nutrients you need for the day and beyond!

April 7, 2016

Recent paintings - horses

16" x 16" (40 x 40 cm)

16" x 16" (40 x 40 cm)

together on display

April 6, 2016

NAILS: On the beach

Current manicure - or shall I say nail art - in the colors of the infamous Sex-On-The-Beach cocktail. Used a clear nail polish, acrylic paints (the artist ones that I'm using for my paintings LOL - never ending mixing possibilities, yay!) and fine iridescent glitter.

 Carnival material or a poisonous reptile ?

April 5, 2016

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Pitt Pastels by Faber Castell

This is a quick but picture-rich review of my pastel pencils that I use for colored drawings. It's like the traditional art chalk pastel made into pencil leads, handy for smaller or detailed work. These are finest artist quality, therefore acid free and long lasting. Long meaning decades, possibly centuries, I believe.

I own the full 60 piece collection. (They also make smaller versions, of 12, 24 and 36 or something around there.) Bought it for about 80-90 € in Spain.

Packed tightly in a tin pan, with double floor. Ok for storage, but not practical for use.

 The very first "white" is actually a blending medium.


They are pretty awesome, a bit on the harder side. I noticed weird dryness with the darkest red #192 for instance, but generally they are joy to use with impressive color payoff. They don't come with a sharpener. I sharpen them with Derwent pastel sharpener, with Faber Castell multi size sharpener or with a sanding pad.
I could also use the traditional method of peeling the wood off with some exacto knife stuff, exposing the lead, but I normally don't bother with it.

I fix finished work with Sennelier soft pastel fixative. Can't compare it with anything else, but works well, and doesn't smell. So that's how I do. You're welcome :)

I will post what I created with these pastels very soon. Stay tuned!


I've taken part in the annual event called #TwitterArtExhibit with this piece:

 (acrylics on heavy weight paper)

Twitter Art Exhibit is an international exhibition of a multitude of postcard-sized original artworks donated by artists of Twitter, where 100% of proceeds fund a chosen charity. This year (2016) it takes place in Trygve Lie Gallery in Manhattan NYC, supporting local "Foster Pride" organisation. 

 Arrow shows my piece on the official poster :)

 Opening night, March 31

Happy to say my piece was among those sold during the opening night! The event is still on, until April 21. If you're around NYC area, feel free to drop by and buy a card! For more info, follow @twitrartexhibit on Twitter. Or me too @maggielet :)

August 31, 2015

Applying mineral make up products - the clean way

This is precisely about the technique of how and where to sprinkle the loose powder products we dolls apply with make up brushes on our faces.

The notorious technique of ~tap, swirl and buff~ isn't bad, but it makes me shudder seeing people doing that IN THE LID of the product.

That's a horrible habit.

First of all, it's nasty. Over a short time the lid gets sticky from the brushes that pick up oils off your face. The jars get messier after each use within the lid and on the outside because the residues clinging to the screw parts escape. Powders are a wild thing to keep tight in a jar.

Then most jars and their lids are not wide enough to fit fluffy face brushes for them to swirl around, so besides making more mess around your table once again, you get the product in random uneven chunks on your brush and then you either "tap the excess off" - another mess-and-waste nonsense, or apply the chunks straight to your face and wonder how difficult it is to blend minerals out.

What's the solution? Sprinkling your minerals into a separate dish. A shallow little porcelain bowl or any round dish with smooth glazed and non porous surface. Don't use plastic, it is porous in this case and hard to wash hygienically clean. Or if you fancy the fancy, and enjoy having yet another spacious stuff, that needs regular cleaning, hanging around your vanity table, you can get something like this mixing tray:

They seem too shallow to me. As for the bigger brushes areas, there's 
gonna be a powdery mess all around them. (But that's me though lol)

My personal favorite is a simple shallow white porcelain bowl and it looks like this:

It is of a very thin porcelain, so it's not heavy. About 3" (8 cm) wide and 1" high. The large brushes fit and swirl nice in it and pick up the product evenly. And wiping the bowl clean with a paper tissue does the trick.

I bought this in "A loja do gato preto" shop among its cool kitchenware. Once I saw it I had to have it, it was just perfect for this purpose. So I got two, in case I break one and won't get a replacement anymore. Few years later I indeed broke one, so I'm careful with the remaining one. And no, I have not seen these in that shop again. But if I did, I would get a back up again, though.
You may be lucky and find similar bowls among any kitchenwares looking like a sauce dip dish, asian specialty dishware and such. Just make sure the inside has a smooth and rounded bottom, no inset circles.

Similar to this, some people use special little glass plates or pallettes to squeeze their liquid foundation onto, and pick it up with a brush from there, although those are usually way too flat and open for powders, thumbs up for another clean way of doing makeup. It always reminds me of painting artworks :) Well honey, doing makeup right is an art itself!

So my bottom line is, be conscious about how you handle your make up stash. There is enough dust around when you handle it nice and clean, no need to worsen it. Also storing the minerals laden jars bottom-down and not upside down (to read labels off the bottom) helps the mess at bay.

Happy and neat applications!

August 29, 2015

Makeup brushes collection (part 1)

My favorites to date:
RealTechniques brushes. Just not a fan of their huge self-standing handles. And also love elf's bamboo brushes, for they are really soft and not dense. Well you may call it "flimsy" but I fell in love with them once I started using them. These aren't your cheap flimsy but scratchy goat and pony hair brushes. These feel like a veil.

Unlike the Ecotools and Ultimate range, which do have fine soft bristles BUT they are packed so very densely that makes me dislike them (read: I only use those when the softer brushes are dirty in need of a wash).

The only one of these bamboo elfs I've never liked is the flat eyeliner brush which is not very flat after all, therefore horrible for fine lines.

Plus the elf studio powder brush (the black flat top) is my "go to" mineral foundation brush. I actually have two of them. Good advice: getting a back up for your favorite big, dense or thick brush will be a joy to you everytime you wash one and it takes him an eternity to dry.

L to R:
RT blush brush - I use this for contouring (cheekbones, jawline) 
elf blush brush - for blushes 
elf powder brush - for all over setting powder 
RT powder brush - I use this for mineral (powder) foundation, sometimes for a setting powder

elf bamboo blondies 
(sadly a gone limited edition, but I'm still hopeful  
e.l.f. will bring something like this back)

June 9, 2015

Test watercolor painting

I got some new school watercolor set for my 6 y/o daughter with a whopping 24 colors in it, but finally it's me fascinated with it.
It's JOVI brand and made in Spain and rather decent looking even with a few empty pans for mixing, and of course with an unusable shitty brush.

So here are my test paintings on a testing paper as well, which proved not so watercolor-friendly as claimed, but I totally expected that. It was mainly a play time.

A very quick 5 minute test piece, done on about A5 size paper:

And a large A3 piece that took over an hour:

Some crazy warping happened in the process...

So it was a test, I don't aim to do watercolors at all, I prefer the control over the strokes and the paint. Oh and the joy of adding highlights at the end! That's why I stick to acrylics and pastels.

June 6, 2015

If spam emails were true

Have you ever imagined how your life would be different if all the weird messages were genuine?

Because I do. Feels kinda painful ignoring all the money they want to give me. All the bank transfers, all the millions of inheritance, green cards, all the lotteries I win all the time. Even won a BMW 7 series. Damn I really am lucky.
Besides, all the lonely sexy wives in my area want me, and horny singles too. I have already enlarged my penis to perfection, and if that's not enough, I am supplied with a full-to-the-brim cabinet of the best drugs to solve anything. I've got a fine car. I've got the best Rolex on my hand and finest designer handbags. I'm getting the best job opportunities. Getting paid and getting laid. What more could I want?

But recently this one made my jaw drop - I should adopt a child. Whooaaa WHAT! Adopt ??? Have you ever been offered such a thing? I mean, this was unexpected. Is this the latest catchy thing what people dream about that it got it's way to spam folders of innocent people?
Maybe, just maybe, it's all click-bait tricks, (don't do that) nobody knows where it gets you redirected to, likely a completely diffent type of site you were expecting. And if you're stupid enough you'll find a place where to input your personal details (again, don't do that).
But seriously, the adoption thing got me. I thought I've seen it all, but obviously not LOL.

This was to share my experience after having used one email account for most of my things for more than a decade. Sometimes you just have to check that folder out since from time to time a proper email wrongly gets lost in there.

And if you haven't laughed yet, please understand this is sarcastic rant.
Also, I do not have a penis.

Have a great day everybody!

May 1, 2015

Recent artworks: cat paintings

My recent artworks. Yay for cats !!!

 Sleeping beauty
Acrylic on canvas, 8"x 8" (20 x 20 cm)

In the eye of the beholder
 Acrylic on canvas, 8"x 8" (20 x 20 cm)

April 18, 2015

REVIEW: Florame perfumes

Florame Vanille Gourmande 
(Delicious Vanilla)
My take:
There sure is sweet caramel-like vanilla and a bit of clove. I'm a vanilla fan but this is just too spicy and earthy for me. And I dislike the fact it has a bit of lavender in it, which unfortunately all of my Florame perfumes have. This (very nice) bottle comes in a smaller 50ml (1.7 fl.oz) size but costs about the same with the rest that are 100ml (3.4 fl.oz.). Good to notice this one is actually an Eau de parfum and the rest mentioned are Eau(x) de toilette.
Certified organic product.
Product quality 5/5. Fragrance appeal 3/5.

Florame Agrumes IrrĂ©sistibles 
(Irresistible Citrus)
My take:
I'm a big citrus fan too but again there's the lavender note, so all over it's a fresh citrus, almost cologne like fragrance. By the 'fruity' they mention on the box I'd expect something sweeter. Comes in a 100ml bottle.
Certified organic product.
Product quality 5/5. Fragrance appeal 3/5.

Florame Verveine PĂ©tillante 
(Sparkling Verbena)
My take:
Well, verbena sounded nice to try. But finally it was a bit too crispy and bitter for my liking and not perfume-y enough. Something fitting for a body product such as lotion or shower gel but not an edt. Not too bad anyway, I used it up just like the rest. But I'll stay with verbena for teas only... Comes in a 100ml bottle. It has similar ingredients list to the others, forgot to take a photo of that.
Certified organic product.
Product quality 5/5. Fragrance appeal 2/5.

And this one is MEN'S...    
Florame Esprit VĂ©tiver 
(Vetiver Spirit)
My take:
Very interesting but strange to me. Green notes, citrus, some mellow buttery creaminess to it, cedarwood, geranium and black pepper are noticeable. Has a bit of coriander and cardamom which appeal to me but I don't notice them much. Very relaxing and 'zen' like but not much attractive on a guy. It was definitely worth a try though as there aren't many real natural edt's for men. But as you can see in the photo, it gets used. Comes in a 100ml (3.4 fl.oz.) bottle.
Certified organic product.
Product quality 5/5. Fragrance appeal 3/5.

Final verdict: 
I will not repurchase any of these. I recommend you try them if you like notes of bitter citruses and lavender. And for the men's if you like vetiver, cedarwood and chypre type of fragrances. Their design though is first class.

January 6, 2015

Recent artworks: small landscapes

Two French countryside landscapes inspired by my own memories.

Spring time in RhĂ´ne-Alpes

 Acrylic on canvas, 4" x 6" (10 x 15 cm)


Summer time in RhĂ´ne-Alpes

Acrylic on canvas, 4" x 6" (10 x 15 cm)



January 4, 2015

My favorite organic lip balms (Part 2)

Happy 2015 !
Here goes the latest portion of my favorite lipbalms:

Caudalie lip conditioner 
from the 'Moisture Essential set'

This lip conditioner, first of all, smells lovely. Just like another product of this brand that I've tried, so I guess it's their signature scent. The scent is very light and gentle but up close it's there - somehow fruity - I guess grapes with some citruses. The moisturizing power is about medium, it is one of the harder, waxy types, but good enough for me. Will not melt easily.

This probably sells only as a part of a set. I got mine gifted to me, but as far as I know, you can get it from Caudalie website or specialty spas.
UPDATE 02/2015: This lipbalm is available at UK-based store naturisimo.com with free intl' shipping.

My rating: 4/5

Hurraw Balm

Yeah! Finally I got my hands on these and I'm in love. Pictured are mint (green) and coconut (brown), but I've had a vanilla too. Well, these must be the best lipbalms I have ever tried. I just love the oily-buttery softness, how it instantly melts on my lips, how divinely they all smell and are made of raw, organic or wildcrafted goodness. And they are vegan! Go get some !

My rating: 5/5

To see all my lipbalm posts, go to http://art-and-beauty-by-maggielet.blogspot.com.es/search/label/lip%20balm