July 8, 2010

Lucy Minerals - mineral foundation swatches

Shades: Snow White, Light, Cream, Bisque, Creamy Bisque, Pale Olive, Creamy Olive, Medium Olive, Golden Medium, Toffee, Cocoa
This is the best mineral foundation I have tried so far. It contains antioxidants and has the highest coverage, which I love! And I have found my match - Creamy Olive! Although Pale Olive is fine too when I'm not tanned.

Taken in a daylight on a sunny day. My skin is light with yellow and olive undertones. These swatches were done on the inside of my arm, that's why the skin is so pale.



sample baggies

UPDATE 21 Feb 2011: more photos:

 Snow White is pure white color. Toffee and Cocoa are the darkest colors that LM offers.

in direct sunlight


Leira Yann said...

Thanks for the swatches. How about the coverage?

Maggi said...

@Leira Yann : The coverage is high, its the most covering MMU foundation I have tried. On some skins it may look too powdery, so regular exfoliation and proper moisturizing is important for best results.

Anisa Putri said...

I'm currently on Lumiere Light Medium Golden mixed with specks of Medium Golden. What do you suggest me to get from Lucy Minerals?

Maggi said...

@ Anisa Putri : I dont own any Lumiere foundations but from the photos and swatches I have seen I think the closest would be Creamy Olive or Medium Olive. Don't be scared by the olive word, they are more golden than true olive and the photos on LM website are not very accurate. Get samples first.

Frckls said...

I have tried Lucy and I'd say Creamy Bisque suits me beautifully. I guess I'm just THAT yellow after all. Lucy M always surprises me on how creamy it looks on my skin. I hate powdery makeup.
Btw how does Lucy compare to Meow? I'm such a catlover that the sound of being a Frisky Manx really peaks my interest. :)

Frckls said...

I don't know why my nickname shows up different but Anisa Putri = Frckls. :)

Maggi said...

@Anisa Putri/Frckls : The Meow foundie samples I tried were "Flawless Feline" (heavy coverage) and they have a matte finish comparing to LM's.
BTW I think Kathy from http://mineralnekosmetyki.pl/ uses the same LM shade like you, may be helpful for u (unless u already know).

Frckls said...

Ouch. I don't think I'll rock matte finish. Sometimes it makes me look flaky, although my face (especially THE NOSE) is slicky.

I've seen Kathy's blog. I've also seen she's also a Creamy Bisque.

Between Meow and Lucy which one would you choose over the other?

Maggi said...

I'd choose Lucy Minerals anytime.

Frckls said...

That's what I need. :)

Thanks a lot Maggie!

LiisK said...

Wonderful, excellent swatches!