July 26, 2010

The Story of Cosmetics (2010)

“The Story of Cosmetics” by Annie Leonard Uncovers Hidden Toxins

It only stands to reason: If you put toxic chemicals into your products (say, sunscreen or baby shampoo) at the factory, you’re going to wind up with toxic sunscreen and toxic baby shampoo, toxins in workers and your community, and toxins in beachcombers and babies. The Story of Stuff Project’s Annie Leonard describes bathrooms all over America that are minefields of chemical nasties, most of which have links to asthma, learning disabilities, birth defects, and the big “C”: cancer.




This video is primarily dedicated to the USA inhabitants, and although European beauty industry is more toxin-eliminated right now, most shops are full of commercial rubbish, and American brands are coming to Europe more and more, not even mentioning Asian and other brands.... 
This video gets a lot of critics, but anyway I am still a proud user of organic products and mineral makeup!  :)

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