September 13, 2010

Opinion: Fake Hair

Now one thing I just can't understand. Why black women wear wigs so much?! And all that extensions and fake stuff in their hair?? I know some white (or input any other race...) get extensions in their hair to get it longer. Like can't you take proper care of your hair and grow it long by itself?
But wigs are really rare in white culture, unless you are very old with spare hair, or lost your hair for cancer or have some other condition. And usually it's pretty much obvious (to me) when they wear it. Some people actually do not notice it however obvious it is, like those who think that ethnic and black people can have naturally straight hair... I personally am very observing, I tend to notice what others overlook.

I live in a multi-cultured area with all kinds of races including lots of blacks mostly Africans. I am white myself but have black relatives. It makes me wonder why I see so many black women with fake hair. Sometimes african styles, but mostly smooth and white-alike dos. Are they so ashamed of their own hair? Or what happened to the african pride? And black women going crazy over human Indian hair lol.

Everytime I see random black woman with natural hair, whatever the style, I feel appreciation for the lady being herself. If you're natural, you do not look like a slave or poor, but with the fake hair u do look fake. And sometimes ridiculous. Oh you just like to wear it? Let's all wear weaves then.. and wear artificial body parts too.

I know in black communities, it is common that the kids are being raised and told to fix their bad (natural) hair to straight with perm relaxers and chemical stuff like that. And that stuff is very harmful for health. So it may be a lack of knowledge about the other choices. But at least they wear their own hair.

I must admit I have had african braids done on myself before (loose twisted braids), even with extra hair added, to make them longer. I had it for about a week and couldn't stand it any longer, my scalp was itching and the braids felt heavy so I made it loose to finally wash it. Because I couldn't imagine washing it (the braids) like that. I just wanted to try the braids.
I once asked one my black relative who had done cornrow braids on her hair with extra hair in it, how she washes the hair like that, and she replied - "it's not dirty", so I didn't ask anymore...
BTW I'm not a racist, a racist is a person whose hatred is based on a skintone. I don't mind people being any color. But I mind wrong behaviour and attitudes among people.

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Curly Hair Gal said...

Once in a lifetime i also want to try the Twisted Braids, will be eager to see the reaction of my family & friends.