October 11, 2010

Review: Eye liner brushes

My eyeliner brushes to date. I mostly use them with gel or cream eyeliners, or powder mineral liners mixed with mixing medium.

Lucy Minerals eye liner brush - my most favourite, highest quality syntetic bristles, soft but very tightly packed, can do the thinnest lines. This is one of the "Ultimate brushes line" marketed by more brands, and believed (me including) to be the softest syntetic MMU brushes available. 5/5

PUPA angled liner brush - used to be thinner than it is now, got fluffier over time of using, so I only use it for brows now and it's great for that. Made of natural bristles (I used to believe animal hair is better than syntetic, which isn't true. Now I know better, from now on - no more buying natural hair brushes = no animal cruelty). 3/5

PUPA eye liner brush (thin point) - another all time favourite. Same natural bristles. 4/5

Alverde eyeliner brush - syntetic white bristles, slightly bent ferrule. Out of shape since my daughter played with it...  usable but not my fave. 2/5


LM angled liner bristles long 7mm at the longest point, thick about 1,5mm
PUPA liner bristles long 7mm at the longest point, thick about 2,5mm
PUPA pointed liner bristles long about 5mm and thick about 1,5mm
These three are all long about 15,5cm full with handles

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