November 7, 2010

REVIEW: The "Ultimate brushes" line - worth getting

These Ultimate brushes are possible to buy from Silk Naturals, Lucy Minerals and Forever female. And probably there are more sellers. I only know about these three. Prices vary from 7.50 USD for the smaller eye brushes, to about 17 USD for kabuki at LM or SN. FF sells them for more but they have a bigger selection.

In my own experience they are the best I have in my collection. The bristles are of the highest quality, very soft on touch, yet very dense. They are surely the softest syntetic brushes and amazing for mineral make up. The Ultimate Flat Top brush is softer than the Everyday Minerals Flat Top. Anyway there's great review here by Kathy - but you'll need a translator :)

They come double packaged, besides all other wrapping...

Ultimate flat top brush, blush brush and Baby Kabuki 

Ultimate flat top brush, blush brush and Baby Kabuki

 These two are almost same. The Blush Brush is just slightly bigger and denser than Baby Kabuki. If you want just one and can't decide, go by the handle you prefer more.

Angled Liner Brush, Angled Shadow & Liner, Concealer Brush, Blush Brush, Long Flat Top, Baby Kabuki

This is the shadow end of the Angled shadow & Liner Brush, a round shaped with angled cut. (The white fibres are from that fluffy blanket) 

On left - the Liner side of the Angled Shadow & Liner (the combined one). On right  - the Angled Liner brush (the single one).

On left - the Liner side of the Angled Shadow & Liner (the combined one). On right  - the Angled Liner brush (the single one). So you can see the combined one is smaller but thicker. The single one is wider but thinner and great for the thinnest lines. I posted previously about my eye-liner brushes here

Rating: 5 / 5. All of them except - the combined one - not really a fan of double sided brushes as I like to keep them standing in jars, and I'm not sure how to use the funny cut shadow side. 3 / 5.
The Concealer brush is very soft and sleek, perfect if you are looking for this kind of brush. For me its more useful for cream concealer which I don't use often as a MMU convert lol (for mineral makeup I normally use EM Eye Kabuki for under eye concealing and tiny brush for spot concealing) so for me it's 4 / 5.


Yuna said...

I have to give these a try! From the pictures I can tell they look incredibly soft :D

Catanya said...

Oh my gosh!
They look great!
I need to increase my brush collection so I will definitely be considering this!
Thanks for the great review,

Sara.H said...

Impressive :) These brushes look great. I am a new follower and I have to say that you have a lovely blog ^ ^

Marion said...

They are my favourite brushes and I don't much like the double-ended brush, too, especially the liner side that is too thick.