December 9, 2010

If we really love animals, do we even have any business keeping them as pets? (Great blog to read: The Kind Life)

One absolutely brilliant article by the vegan celebrity Alicia Silverstone. Read here: - I totally agree with her opinion on keeping pets or not! I have never kept any pet so far, but when going veg I've been thinking about this topic for some time, as I love cats and few other animals  :)

..if you’re going to open your home to a pet, it should be a rescued pet only...
...Every animal bought from a breeder or pet store represents a home taken away from another animal in a shelter, and animals facing death don’t care whether they’re in the wild or in a house, they just want to live...
If I ever adopt a cat, I'd prefer at least two of them, to have company together. I believe that's more natural and pets are much happier in multiple than single. Either to keep multiple or none at all. Not a must though, just a preference.

Alicia is promoting the Kind Life (of living vegan) and writes amazing articles. Definitely RSS read / subscribe !


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LiisK said...

My last dog was from the dog shelter, the one before him we picked off the street. It's much less work to take a grown up dog then offer a home to a puppy - I think people have not realized this. Let other ppl adopt puppies, I'll rather take the old smart dog with slim chances of getting adopted.