December 13, 2010

Lucy Minerals foundation and Silk Naturals foundation blend

For my light skin with golden/yellow and olive undertones I use this SN blend (scoop from SN) :

Olive color base - 1 scoop
White base heavy coverage - 10 scoops
Yellow corrector - 2 scoops

Before I have also used blend where I mix Buttery Gold base instead of Olive, but I lost my recipe... anyway it was close to this blend, but with less yellow added (maybe one scoop) and with a sprinkle of green (about 1/5 of a scoop).

Comparing to Lucy Minerals - Original formula foundation in Pale Olive and Creamy Olive that I normally use. All Lucy Minerals foundations have heavy coverage.

daylight, with flash

daylight, no flash

daylight, no flash

I am very impressed with this Silk Naturals foundation, covers very well, creates a smooth finish and last quite well (my skin is oily). Comparable to Lucy Minerals. These two are my faves in mineral foundation.


Marion said...

I hoped so much that their foundations would work for me since I like both brands but I have dry skin and can't use them.

glaciajo said...

Thank you so much..this is so helpful. I've been using Silk Naturals for a few years and I still can't get a good match. I used to only use Warm Gold (before they came out with Olive). Then I only used olive which made me look ashy or grayish. Now I recently experimented with equal parts Olive and Warm Gold, but I was curious whether I would get better results with the boosters. I might also try Lucy Mineral foundations too after reading your post. I see that Lucy Light formula has fewer ingredients (no silk, no silica, no extras) so perhaps it might be gentler to my sensitive skin while providing needed coverage.

Maggi said...

@ glaciajo: The boosters are a great stuff. I've even made wearable shades for myself from the unused foundation samples that didn't quite match me (like making yellow based out of pink based). And u only need a tiniest bit to add.

glaciajo said...

@ Maggi: Yes..that's a good idea! Boosters are genius! I also just received my samples of Lucy Minerals foundation in Original and Light formula (pale olive, creamy olive, light, and cream). Seems like pretty good color match. But I just can't get it to work on my crappy skin...definitely the high amounts of zinc oxide is not applying well even if I follow the directions on Lucy Minerals website or moisturize heavily. I'll stick with SN. Now I'm not sure what to do with these samples..haha.