December 11, 2010

Searching for a contour / bronzer - Silk Naturals SWATCHES

I'm trying to find the right color for contouring my light golden olive toned skin - within mineral make up.
Few swatches of what I have tried:
Silk Naturals: Mousse - matte eye shadow - neutral medium brown, kind of muddy but usable. Perfect blending necessary
Silk Naturals: Drama - blush for contouring - too red/pink (cool) toned for me
Silk Naturals: Tahiti Sweetie - bronzer - golden toned, suits me well as a bronzer, works well a contour color, but not perfect though
Notice the jars are in different order than the swatches! 

in direct sunlight

daylight, no flash

The issue is, your bronzer may or may not be your contour color. Contour color should be creating a visual shade on your cheeks, and If you observe natural shade under your cheekbones, when making a kiss face under some different lighting, you may see the shade tends to be more ashy/taupe than brown. Also for some skin colors you can use the darker shade of your normal foundation as a contour color - but this one doesn't work for me - darker golden or olive shade as a contour color (I contour under cheekbones, along the jawline, and sometimes bridge of the nose) makes me look tanned or dirty on that area. 
Otherwise I like Tahiti Sweetie as a bronzer - ordered a full size :)

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Marion said...

They look too warm for contours for me. I think that Silk Naturals don't have anything like NYX Taupe blush (which works as a contour for most people).