December 9, 2010

SWATCHES: Silk Naturals blushes + comparison

SN Flare blush - golden shimmery pinky peach, a clone of MAC's Hand Finish Blush (says the website)
SN Poppy blush - warm peachy coral, matte - I love this! Amazing on olive toned skin.

  ~ comparing to ~

Sassy Minerals' Karma blush - Warm pink coral, matte. I love this too (pinky coral lover hahah)!
NYX Peach powder blush (originally pressed)

My skin is light with golden (yellow) and olive (green) undertones.

indoors with flash

Flare and Poppy are so crazy bright in real life...
(NYX Peach transferred into jar after it got broken) 


Sara.H said...

Thanks for the swatches :) the blushes look so pretty ^ ^

Marion said...

Great swatches.