December 27, 2010

Infant circumcision

Found quite an informative article.. 
Read here: To Not Circumcise or to Not Circumcise; There is No Question. by

If anybody wants to know my opinion, I am naturally against any infant circumcision. (And I have mixed feelings about piercing girl's ears too.. ) Because I believe parents or tutors have no ethical right to modify their child's body without any medical necessity. It is there for a reason, it covers and protects, for the least. 

I don't mind circumcised individuals, I mind the circumcision not being the boy's own choice. Because a grown up is to make decisions about his own body, not anybody else.  

And as much as I respect sacred books, I still cannot comprehend why would God (as written in the Bible or Torah) order his chosen nation to circumcise boys and men. Why would God make male bodies the way they are and then ask to cut it off ? How much spiritual significance can modifying a penis make ? I see no logic.

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LiisK said...

Uhhh, disgusting. I'm amazed, where did the Americans get this trend from? There are'nt that many jews or muslims there, why is this barbaric relic so widespread?