May 4, 2011

Truth seeking: B. Laden probably is a lie

No unretouched photos, no trial, no real evidence. Only fake news and govt lies. Can't really believe B. Laden (or Ladin) ever existed and US army killed him and don't want to publish any evidence. Funny.
Americans celebrating that US army killed him? Seriously? So it's not only US govt that likes wars and killing, it's the people too. Sad.
9/11 attack's responsibility to B. Laden and terrorist groups? Who is the real terrorist?
After all if the US govt and the big corporations wouldn't be so greedy wanting to own everything and trying to rule over the world, there would be no terrorism. Now,
who is the terrorist ?!

With all respect, I'm not sure I'd be proud to be American.


Widdlesh said...

Hey man, I'm American and don't believe this shit for a second. I don't think he ever existed either.

LiisK said...

I think he might have existed, I mean bin Ladens were Bush's family aquaintances of some kind - through oil business. I seem to have heard it from some documentary.