July 14, 2011

Random cool stuff: Change your suit for t-shirts and sandals

This one is COOL literally.

In Japan, the government has launched its “Super Cool Biz” campaign to encourage businesses and executives to curb their high-cost air conditioning use.
The campaign encourages professionals to save electricity by wearing Hawaiian shirts, T-shirts and sandals to work instead of the usual stuffy three-piece suits. No AC needed - brilliant idea in my opinion. Seeing people in heavy suits in hot summer is just ridiculous to me. Suits are a must to certain jobs, but come on, it's just clothes. Clothes have a function of covering (and warming in winter) function.
Do the clothes serve you, or do you serve them?!  Most guys hate suits anyway, especially the tie.
Get something lighter comfortable on, and leave the thick (and expensive!) suits out. So worthy to save energy too, awesome! Japan gives a great example to the world of fashion. 

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