February 18, 2012

SWATCHES: Silk Naturals lippies

Silk Naturals lipsticks and lip gloss: 
Nice Tan, Maiden, Truly, Precious, Foreplay, Mango, Cayenne, Ambrosia

  Foreplay is MLBB color with a little shimmer. Love!
Maiden is same like my natural lip color just a little darker and kinda too cool on me. So I prefer warm one like Foreplay or Mango. They complement my light olive skin and brown eyes. 

Mango on my lips:
Nice Tan is a nice nude, it's close to NYX Circe lipstick, but much more natural looking without the ugly cool hue that all the common lipsticks with artificial dyes give me.


Cayenne is more red in real life, like ketchup red. And Truly is nothing like coral, it's a rosy pink. Truly is on sale right now and will be discontinued soon. I bough this as I expected it to be coral (both according to its description and bloggers' swatches) so I'm disappointed. But it moisturizes perfectly so it's my when-nobody-sees-me color I use when I'm at home instead of lip balm :)

More accurate colors of Cayenne and Truly:

My older swatches of Ambrosia, Maiden and Cayenne are here


trb said...

cayenne - it is definitely not colour for me, too warm... but it looks just gorgeous. i just want it. i will think about it and i definitely should think about it much more but it is already in my shopping cart.

maggielet said...

@trb - don't worry, although it is warm, it's not warm too much. It may suit even cool or neutral skin tones as it is quite an intense red. Kinda blood color. Hope you'll enjoy it!