March 1, 2013

Good habits to combat acne

Not only good cleansing, good sleep, quality natural cosmetics, not only healthy eating and drinking plenty of water is the key. Have you ever realized there are common mistakes, that trigger acne and problem skin, that you may do everyday?

Your check list to consider: 

Changing your pillow case very often, it absorbs grease and dirt of your face and hair when you sleep 

Washing your hair regularly. Your hair (especially long hair or oily hair) accumulates sebum from scalp and dust and this is then touching your face. Also careful when applying oils to moisturize or leave-in conditioners (silicones and all the "-cone" and "-xane" stuff clogs pores).

Cleaning your make up brushes and tools, at least once a week, with soap and running warm water, if you use them daily

Stop touching your face if not necessary. Wash your hands before you do anything to your face or use clean cotton bud and such. And don't do the bored "fist on cheek/chin" pose when sitting at a table. And don't tap a pen or a pencil on your face either, thinking can be done without it.

Blot away sweat and oil gently with a clean tissue, any simple smooth dry tissue or handkerchief will do. Avoid blotting paper that is infused with anything or have ingredients.

~ Keep your glasses clean

~ Don't press your phone on your face, when you make a call, hold it some space away.

Good luck with a more beautiful skin! 

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