April 20, 2013

Dying my hair black with henna

This is my natural hair color, a very dark brown:

And as I like it more black, but I want to avoid harsh chemical hair colors, I tried the "black" henna.
Btw my favorite conventional dye used to be L'oreal Casting Creme Gloss in "ebony black" some years ago. A nice natural black, not a bluish black. Now I refrain from this toxic stuff.
First henna I used was a prepacked powdered mix of henna and indigo herbs (Lawsonia inermis and Indigofera tinctoria) that I got here. This henna powder felt  somewhat grainy, not finely milled. I used 2 packs of 100g each for my long hair.That's about 6 per coloring.
My experience: I mixed very hot water with the powder, added a few drops of lemon and applied. The application was A LOT more messy than expected. I kept it under shower cap and a towel for 2 hours. I shampooed it right away (no sulfates). It washed out purplish-blue water.

My hair got visibly darker (to me anyway, not that anyone actually noticed), and lightly covered my grays. But it felt oh so dry and brittle when combing because I didn't use any oil in the mixture. 
I haven't had used any silicone stuff on my hair for some time prior to this coloring, but I moisturized my hair with coconut oil two washes ahead. I didn't notice any change in shine or condition of my hair after this dying.

Another one that I used 3 months later, was SANTE's powdered hair color. This one according to ingredients list contains two different indigoes and no henna herb. But it looks the same like the previous one, a green herb powder. Felt finer milled than the previous one. I got this with discount, but regular price was about 8. I managed to use one box of 100g for one dye job.
My experience: I mixed very hot water with this powder and added about 2 spoonfuls of coconut oil.
I kept it under shower cap (was inside the box) and a towel for 3 hours.
Application and also the washing was a bit easier due to the oil content. It left my hair greasy but I shampooed only on the next day (no sulfates). This one washed out green water :)
The result was about the same like the
previous henna. The blackness has mostly washed out since then so now I got it blacker again.

My result color:

Looks darker than my natural color, black-brown,
in direct sunlight it's a deep coffee brown as opposed to reddish brown of my natural color.
Same results achieved with both products.
Worth the mess and price? Hard question.
Hopefully it does my hair good at least.

Close-ups of a before completely white hair now irregularly colored from henna:

Read fortune from my palm
anyone? lol

Things to remember: 
*Use natural (and preferably sulphate free) shampoo and silicone free conditioner at least for 2 washes before using henna so it can adhere to the hair. Otherwise it won't.
*Use small amount of oil (preferably jojoba or coconut) in the mixture, it will condition the hair during the dye job but won't seal off the color like silicones do.

Based on positive reviews, I plan to try the "Caca Noir" from Lush. In that case I will add up and update this review.

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