March 24, 2014

SWATCHES: Silk Naturals HD Cream Foundation

Silk Naturals came up with HD cream foundations in stick tubes. They are mineral based and in my opinion really good, meaning smooth and with a pretty good coverage. Here are my swatches from the samples. Swatched on the underside of my forearm.

G40 is my year round match (comparable to Lucy Minerals' Creamy Olive or Creamy Bisque), although I'd be G50 when well tanned in the summer. The G's go for GOLDEN meaning yellow undertone. Otherwise they make neutral and cool tones too:

Here's the full size. So portable and travel friendly!

It is recommended to apply on skin straight off the tube and blend with a damp sponge (the cosmetic expandable drop shaped type) or a brush. I just use a finger to blend so far, but I'd try it with the sponge once I get my hands on one.

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