April 23, 2015

Looking for "The Little Prince"

I was like 10 or 12 years old (that was in the 90's) when I read the book. I had it from a library and it looked like this

a square hardcover and was in my own mother-tongue. Which is Slovak and that's one articulate language with a complicated grammar. And that's the thing - the particular translations of this book make a difference.

Upon searching for one to buy online for my daughter (OK she's not old enough to comprehend and enjoy it, but I know I will, in the meantime... ) I came to a finding that I want the original English translation by Katherine Woods or at least based by her translation which is more poetic and true to the original French than more recent translation that the readers now complain about.
I can agree on that by the comparing the samples of text I saw on fellow blogs. The wording is quite important and it's what makes the story so magical and beautiful.

Therefore I came to a conclusion I want such English translation (besides possibly Spanish one) but not some vintage original (meaning old and ugly) book, rather a new pretty one with the wording of Woods. Ideally with a hardback, colored illustrations, sounding like Woods but with the famous "sheep" control text saying the boy was looking for a FRIEND not a SHEEP, perhaps. Hopefully such edition comes around now that they just come up with an anime movie of The little prince to be seen in cinemas in late 2015 I believe. That should make it more popular once again right... Trailer here or here and the beautiful soundtrack here. Can't wait to see it!

So if you're reading this and can help me where to get such or which editorial does print such, please let me know and drop a comment below. Very appreciated!
Sending love to my fellow lovers of this book! 

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