June 6, 2015

If spam emails were true

Have you ever imagined how your life would be different if all the weird messages were genuine?

Because I do. Feels kinda painful ignoring all the money they want to give me. All the bank transfers, all the millions of inheritance, green cards, all the lotteries I win all the time. Even won a BMW 7 series. Damn I really am lucky.
Besides, all the lonely sexy wives in my area want me, and horny singles too. I have already enlarged my penis to perfection, and if that's not enough, I am supplied with a full-to-the-brim cabinet of the best drugs to solve anything. I've got a fine car. I've got the best Rolex on my hand and finest designer handbags. I'm getting the best job opportunities. Getting paid and getting laid. What more could I want?

But recently this one made my jaw drop - I should adopt a child. Whooaaa WHAT! Adopt ??? Have you ever been offered such a thing? I mean, this was unexpected. Is this the latest catchy thing what people dream about that it got it's way to spam folders of innocent people?
Maybe, just maybe, it's all click-bait tricks, (don't do that) nobody knows where it gets you redirected to, likely a completely diffent type of site you were expecting. And if you're stupid enough you'll find a place where to input your personal details (again, don't do that).
But seriously, the adoption thing got me. I thought I've seen it all, but obviously not LOL.

This was to share my experience after having used one email account for most of my things for more than a decade. Sometimes you just have to check that folder out since from time to time a proper email wrongly gets lost in there.

And if you haven't laughed yet, please understand this is sarcastic rant.
Also, I do not have a penis.

Have a great day everybody!

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