June 9, 2015

Test watercolor painting

I got some new school watercolor set for my 6 y/o daughter with a whopping 24 colors in it, but finally it's me fascinated with it.
It's JOVI brand and made in Spain and rather decent looking even with a few empty pans for mixing, and of course with an unusable shitty brush.

So here are my test paintings on a testing paper as well, which proved not so watercolor-friendly as claimed, but I totally expected that. It was mainly a play time.

A very quick 5 minute test piece, done on about A5 size paper:

And a large A3 piece that took over an hour:

Some crazy warping happened in the process...

So it was a test, I don't aim to do watercolors at all, I prefer the control over the strokes and the paint. Oh and the joy of adding highlights at the end! That's why I stick to acrylics and pastels.

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