August 31, 2015

Applying mineral make up products - the clean way

This is precisely about the technique of how and where to sprinkle the loose powder products we dolls apply with make up brushes on our faces.

The notorious technique of ~tap, swirl and buff~ isn't bad, but it makes me shudder seeing people doing that IN THE LID of the product.

That's a horrible habit.

First of all, it's nasty. Over a short time the lid gets sticky from the brushes that pick up oils off your face. The jars get messier after each use within the lid and on the outside because the residues clinging to the screw parts escape. Powders are a wild thing to keep tight in a jar.

Then most jars and their lids are not wide enough to fit fluffy face brushes for them to swirl around, so besides making more mess around your table once again, you get the product in random uneven chunks on your brush and then you either "tap the excess off" - another mess-and-waste nonsense, or apply the chunks straight to your face and wonder how difficult it is to blend minerals out.

What's the solution? Sprinkling your minerals into a separate dish. A shallow little porcelain bowl or any round dish with smooth glazed and non porous surface. Don't use plastic, it is porous in this case and hard to wash hygienically clean. Or if you fancy the fancy, and enjoy having yet another spacious stuff, that needs regular cleaning, hanging around your vanity table, you can get something like this mixing tray:

They seem too shallow to me. As for the bigger brushes areas, there's 
gonna be a powdery mess all around them. (But that's me though lol)

My personal favorite is a simple shallow white porcelain bowl and it looks like this:

It is of a very thin porcelain, so it's not heavy. About 3" (8 cm) wide and 1" high. The large brushes fit and swirl nice in it and pick up the product evenly. And wiping the bowl clean with a paper tissue does the trick.

I bought this in "A loja do gato preto" shop among its cool kitchenware. Once I saw it I had to have it, it was just perfect for this purpose. So I got two, in case I break one and won't get a replacement anymore. Few years later I indeed broke one, so I'm careful with the remaining one. And no, I have not seen these in that shop again. But if I did, I would get a back up again, though.
You may be lucky and find similar bowls among any kitchenwares looking like a sauce dip dish, asian specialty dishware and such. Just make sure the inside has a smooth and rounded bottom, no inset circles.

Similar to this, some people use special little glass plates or pallettes to squeeze their liquid foundation onto, and pick it up with a brush from there, although those are usually way too flat and open for powders, thumbs up for another clean way of doing makeup. It always reminds me of painting artworks :) Well honey, doing makeup right is an art itself!

So my bottom line is, be conscious about how you handle your make up stash. There is enough dust around when you handle it nice and clean, no need to worsen it. Also storing the minerals laden jars bottom-down and not upside down (to read labels off the bottom) helps the mess at bay.

Happy and neat applications!

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