August 29, 2015

Makeup brushes collection (part 1)

My favorites to date:
RealTechniques brushes. Just not a fan of their huge self-standing handles. And also love elf's bamboo brushes, for they are really soft and not dense. Well you may call it "flimsy" but I fell in love with them once I started using them. These aren't your cheap flimsy but scratchy goat and pony hair brushes. These feel like a veil.

Unlike the Ecotools and Ultimate range, which do have fine soft bristles BUT they are packed so very densely that makes me dislike them (read: I only use those when the softer brushes are dirty in need of a wash).

The only one of these bamboo elfs I've never liked is the flat eyeliner brush which is not very flat after all, therefore horrible for fine lines.

Plus the elf studio powder brush (the black flat top) is my "go to" mineral foundation brush. I actually have two of them. Good advice: getting a back up for your favorite big, dense or thick brush will be a joy to you everytime you wash one and it takes him an eternity to dry.

L to R:
RT blush brush - I use this for contouring (cheekbones, jawline) 
elf blush brush - for blushes 
elf powder brush - for all over setting powder 
RT powder brush - I use this for mineral (powder) foundation, sometimes for a setting powder

elf bamboo blondies 
(sadly a gone limited edition, but I'm still hopeful  
e.l.f. will bring something like this back)

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