April 5, 2016

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Pitt Pastels by Faber Castell

This is a quick but picture-rich review of my pastel pencils that I use for colored drawings. It's like the traditional art chalk pastel made into pencil leads, handy for smaller or detailed work. These are finest artist quality, therefore acid free and long lasting. Long meaning decades, possibly centuries, I believe.

I own the full 60 piece collection. (They also make smaller versions, of 12, 24 and 36 or something around there.) Bought it for about 80-90 € in Spain.

Packed tightly in a tin pan, with double floor. Ok for storage, but not practical for use.

 The very first "white" is actually a blending medium.


They are pretty awesome, a bit on the harder side. I noticed weird dryness with the darkest red #192 for instance, but generally they are joy to use with impressive color payoff. They don't come with a sharpener. I sharpen them with Derwent pastel sharpener, with Faber Castell multi size sharpener or with a sanding pad.
I could also use the traditional method of peeling the wood off with some exacto knife stuff, exposing the lead, but I normally don't bother with it.

I fix finished work with Sennelier soft pastel fixative. Can't compare it with anything else, but works well, and doesn't smell. So that's how I do. You're welcome :)

I will post what I created with these pastels very soon. Stay tuned!

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