December 10, 2016

Super-seed shake/smoothie

Incorporating healthy stuff into your diet is not always easy. Or tasty. Especially with superfoods like algae, all kinds of weird tasting powders or seeds. Some people munch on them without anything or sprinkle them over their granola / yogurt / smoothie.. you name it. Well I'm not one of those (Sprinkling crunchy stuff over another crunchy stuff and chew it forever while pretending it's tasty? No.)
As much as I want to get all the tremendous benefits and nutrition into my diet, I want it as sophisticated and easy as it gets while keeping the nutrients intact and achieve a maximum bioavailability while digested.

Today I'm sharing how I eat my super seeds.

I typically use golden or brown flax seeds and chia seeds, optionally sesame, blue poppy, pumpkin or hemp seeds. (To my knowledge, chia seeds are the richest in omega3, followed by flax. So if you can, go for those. Internet is full of info on all of them..)

First I blend the assorted seeds in a coffee type blender, to make about two spoonfulls of coarse grind.

Here I used brown flax, sesame and pumpkin seeds. I often add a tiny bit of rice flour to it to minimize the stickiness - remember seeds are oily when crushed.


Then I scrape it out into a tall blending cup, add one diced up banana, some 2 cups of vegan milk (rice or oat drinks are my favorite), give it a sprinkle of cinnamon, and blend. 

No sweetener is needed because the banana makes it sweet enough.
The banana can be switched for kiwis, strawberries or other berries.

And there you go. A bit funny and slimy shake, but you can drink it up in no time.

You are full and just painlessly ingested all the omega3's, fibre, zinc, calcium and a million of other nutrients you need for the day and beyond!

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