January 15, 2017

OPINION: Sia's music videos are a pedofile's dream

About 2 years ago, Sia (Sia Furler) the famous Aussie singer, apologized for her music video "Elastic heart" for promoting pedophilia.
But she didn't apologize for all other of her very similar disturbing videos featuring creepy children, looking simply put, as a pedofile's dream. Namely "Chandelier", "The greatest", "Elastic heart" and "Big girls cry".

That's a billion views, somebody sure likes watching it. Not implying anything.

It's nothing new that pop culture and top showbiz deliberately use subliminal messages. This case is just one of many.

It is interesting to see she apologized for that one after a huge backlash she received, although the way she did (see it HERE) is more than baffling.
She stated the video portrays her own emotional selves.

Her tweet:
"I apologize to those who feel triggered by My intention was to create some emotional content, not to upset anybody."

We don't feel triggered. We give a fair point. Paedophilia (sexual attraction to children, often related to child trafficking, abuse and torture) is wrong and abnormal. We know most music videos are over-sexualized trash deemed as "art" but sexualization of kids - that's too damn far. Not just pedo victims may get triggered and upset, all conscious people should be able to recognize the imagery is odd.

Her tweet:
"I anticipated some pedophelia cries for this video.."

Oh, so she expected that, that means she was well aware of it looking pedo like.
Well it sure does, but not because the performer is a 12 year old girl. It's actually cool if kid's talent gets presented. Ballet is art. The problem is she appears naked in that nude suit, doing movements that presumptively trigger fantasies in a pedophile.

Also, she miss-spells "pedophelia", likely on purpose. See, she didn't say the word.

So she and her fans and apologists are trying to say this is ART. If a kid looks naked in a video (just because she can't be actually naked) doing weird stuff, it's art to them? If they wanted to show us expressive dancing, she'd be at least dressed up, or have the leotard in some color not nude. Even dark conceptual art can be done with dignity, when you want.

Art is not just about expression, art is about beauty.

I urge any sane person with a brain to speak out against the degenerate liberalism and the nearly satanic agenda of moral decay in today's entertainment industry.

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